Tech Symposium @ MCKV Institute of Engineering

Cyber security is becoming an essential knowledge that protects us from cyber-crimes when we use Internet & Mobility apps for our basic needs that involves monetary transactions, private and confidential information. In this symposium we focused on real life crimes case studies and best practices for secure uses of internet and latest technologies that are involved in providing security in web applications and mobile applications.

The venue was MCKV Institute of Engineering on 15th Feb 2013. We witnessed awesome response from students and faculties. Tech Symposium was organized as an initiative to bring together industry, academia, students, technology professionals and experts to simplify and explore technology together to create a learning ecosystem. In panel we had officials from LEA agencies, Professionals from Technology firms and representation from civil societies. The later part of symposium was so mach interactive and informative, every body attended benefited with different stakeholders concerns and challenges. Technology for legitimate users in one hand making life easy on the other hand, is a potential threat, if used maliciously. The idea is to bring awareness across all stakeholders and prepare mindset of budding engineers and scientists to consider these as career options.

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