IICB Edition 1

We have completed our first edition of IICB Capacity building program on 27th June 2015. I thank Dr. Indtajeet De, Program Chair IICB-1 for his active support in organizing the event.The initiative here in termed Indian IETF Capacity Building (IICB) Program is an attempt to increase the lower participation of Indians, corporate in the International … [Read more]

An interactive session with LEA Officials

As part of Internet Society Kolkata Chapter ongoing outreach activities we involve with different stakeholders for awareness, advisory and technical support. The workshop was part of the courses organized by an apex LEA training institution on Cyber Crime Investigation. From the discussion it was evident that the majority of incidents are happening due to lack … [Read more]

E-Connect North East – Guwahati Edition

The goal of this seminar e-Connecting North East is to promote healthy development of Internet in North East and make it an active part of the world internet community. This is expected to be a link among relevant internet communities, enterprises and organizations for benefiting the whole industry, to protect internet user’s interests, to strengthen … [Read more]

Tech Symposium @ MCKV Institute of Engineering

Cyber security is becoming an essential knowledge that protects us from cyber-crimes when we use Internet & Mobility apps for our basic needs that involves monetary transactions, private and confidential information. In this symposium we focused on real life crimes case studies and best practices for secure uses of internet and latest technologies that are … [Read more]

Participated in World IPv6 Launch

World IPv6 launch, a day where many organizations started services on IPv6, we decided to meet all stakeholders, the government, Industry, Academia and the users. What is the status of transition in eastern part of this country and what is the way forward. To strengthen local capacity on IPv6 deployment, experiment, and operation by enabling … [Read more]