Mallabhum Institute of Technology – IoT Workshop and IICB 2

Bishnupur, a historic place in West Bengal, Bankura district, known for Terracotta Temples, Terracotta & Dogra arts, Baluchuri sarees. It was great experience organizing 2 day workshop and IICB 2 conference in Mallabum Institute of Technology from 9th to 11th September, great enthusiasm among students.

The IoT workshop started with great expectations and we have 50+ students for the workshop for hands-on training. I was surprised by the number because we targeted around 25 students so that we can give proper attention to their doubts and problems. I felt bad for those who will have great eagerness to know hence started with full batch.

It turn out to be a great experience with some runtime changes in the workshop format. After the theory session about IoT technology and Raspberry Pi board, sensors, actuators, gateways, nodes etc. I have divided the students into teams where each team has students from electronics and communications, IT and computer science departments. The workshop turned out to be a playground where each team was trying to develop and compete. There were claps, winning enthusiasm and cheerful students trying to learn, cooperate and apply them to complete their assignment in time. I witnessed true spirit of team work. IoT has the potential to bring together different disciplines of engineering and their cooperative efforts that can cultivate great new ideas and solutions.


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The next day IICB conference completed and we have some good papers presented in the conference. I am thankful to college authorities and faculty members for organizing the event. From this tight schedule we have spent some time with the artisans of Bishnupur and visited terracotta temples.


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Anand Raje

A technology entrepreneur and experience in tech innovations and implementations. Designed and implemented citizen-centric G2C e-governance Projects for Land Records and Revenue, Commercial Taxes. Implemented Data Mining, GIS algorithms, PKI infrastructure, Digital Signature and Cryptographic algorithms for state wide large e-governance projects.

An experienced Network Security trainer with wide international exposure across technology forums. Holds a Master of Computer Science Degree & multiple IT, Network security & Privacy certifications- DSCI DCPLA, CSSP, CCNSP. A ISOC Next Generations Leader and fellowships recipient from ISOC for IETF, Global INET & AfPIF, ICANN & APSIG.

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