IOT Workshop

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We were discussing from quite a long conducting an workshop on IoT, as there has been lots of interested generated in this domain from our interaction in different outreach programs of ISOC Kolkata Chapter,and last week on 3rd and 4th September we successfully conducted the workshop with support from NIXI. There has been participation from Academia, Industry, Enterprises , Network Engineers and we have participants from Mumbai and New Delhi. There has been a great interest generated for IoT and startups are considering it as there next venture and has a huge potential in terms of market size.

We explored IOT architecture, the different use cases and in detailed discussed about the components, sensors, actuators, nodes, gateways, internet connectivity, cloud, RESTful services. Lots of questions and queries, it was really interactive and supportive for domain experts. IoT encompasses many areas of engineering and it needs a careful understanding of its bits and pieces. We have practiced Raspberry pi projects, using sensors, like motion detection, temperature sensing, sending commands from push buttons.

It was really a great experience, interacting with all. We are looking forward for such workshop in future. Keep connected and mail your interest area.




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