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Internet, networks of network, a data communication medium and fast becoming de facto standard for our every communication need, is a combined effort of visionary minds across the world. Protocols and standards are backbone of this information superhighway.

When we access mail or visit websites we use HTTP, SMTP. When we access YouTube videos, use mobile Internet, download a file from Internet there are enumerous protocols that make this communication possible. Without standards and protocols it will be near impossible to coordinate so much data traffic, networks, data, users etc. With the increase adoption of IoT and IPv6 possibilities of innovation is beyond imagination.

With these perspectives in place when we explored the contribution of Indian origins in this effort we have seen that we are lagging behind and in the big rush for capitalizing the outsourcing demand we invariably lost the instinct of innovation. We have taken up a project Indian IETF Capacity building program (IICB) in ISOC Kolkata Chapter supported by DeitY, Government of India, and visited colleges and institutions for creating awareness among engineering faculties, students and professionals and seen lots of interest and energy. They were lacking a platform. In my previous posts you will see details about these events.

With these things in mind, there was a need to meet the community active in IETF, to take their opinions, suggests and comments and to bring all in a common platform. ISOC Kolkata Chapter organised a technology community meet in Bengaluru on 3rd October 2015. the initiative was supported by NIXI. It was a small gathering of IETF contributors from India, Dr. Govind, CEO NiXi and Mr. Rahul Gosain, Director DeitY attended the event.

There were talks on many aspects of increasing participation from our country and also bringing IETF in India. The insights are really eye opener. As a result, this time there will be good numbers of remote hubs in India for IETF 94 Yokohama.

If you are interested in joining remote hub please visit or contact  at

The pointers suggested by the participants for the initiative:

  • Need to create more awareness in technical community for IETF
  • Pan India mentoring network
  • A network of contributors
  • Need a strong corporate and government push
  • Repetitive physical IETF in India
  • A database of IETF contributors of Indian origin
  • Using social media to connect and network IETF contributes in India
  • The academia would align with corporate and increased contribution from higher studies like M.Tech, PhD, students and faculties, even the efforts can be supported financially.
  • NRIs and Indian origin professional working in other countries can be contacted and engaged in the initiative.
  • Indian origin vendor companies need to push talents for contribution.
  • There are instances where ideas originates from India but presented by other countries
  • More open source penetration
  • Increased remote participation
  • Latin American model of remote participation can be a good starting point.
  • Planned remote participation in IETF working groups and areas we are working actively
  • Identify Experts, and identify Working Group and conference room
  • Local mentoring is really important.
  • Goa/Hyderabad/Bangalore – Candidates for IETF location
  • If you want to built your own consensus you must physically participates
  • For introduction to IETF, remote participation is the best thing.
  • Need sponsors for individual contributors
  • India don’t have sufficient facilities to host IETF in India
  • Government can provide Incentives for RFCs and Drafts to individuals or organizations.

It seems that every one was agreeing in one point, we can do it. With collaborative efforts like this really we can make it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Anand Raje

A technology entrepreneur and experience in tech innovations and implementations. Designed and implemented citizen-centric G2C e-governance Projects for Land Records and Revenue, Commercial Taxes. Implemented Data Mining, GIS algorithms, PKI infrastructure, Digital Signature and Cryptographic algorithms for state wide large e-governance projects.

An experienced Network Security trainer with wide international exposure across technology forums. Holds a Master of Computer Science Degree & multiple IT, Network security & Privacy certifications- DSCI DCPLA, CSSP, CCNSP. A ISOC Next Generations Leader and fellowships recipient from ISOC for IETF, Global INET & AfPIF, ICANN & APSIG.

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