IICB Edition 1

We have completed our first edition of IICB Capacity building program on 27th June 2015. I thank Dr. Indtajeet De, Program Chair IICB-1 for his active support in organizing the event.The initiative here in termed Indian IETF Capacity Building (IICB) Program is an attempt to increase the lower participation of Indians, corporate in the International Internet standard making process and specifically in IETF with the following objectives:

  • Exposes and encourages participation in the IETF process from all states in India.
  • Empower Internet professionals by broadening their experience and enabling their participation in open Internet standards development.
  • Provides opportunities for Fellows to participate in the global Internet ecosystem and to interact and engage with the broader Internet engineering community.
  • Increases the visibility of Fellows and prepares them to deliver more meaningful impacts at the local and regional level.

This initiative is taken up by ISOC Kolkata Chapter and approved by Deity, Govt. of India.

IICB Program Deliverables:

  • Road show on IETF Participation in educational Institutes. Ensure Individuals are part of WGs mailing list Road show in SME segment.
  • Two technical Seminars by forming consortium of Colleges/educational Institution named as IICB1 & IICB2 with call for paper.
  • Creation of IETF area specific groups to submit bi weekly reports on work being done in that area.
  • Development and Creation of Website with initiative details. Dashboard on Participation activities.

You can register at iicb.org and contribute in this initiative.

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