IICB Camp at Ramakrishna Vidyamandira

Ramakrishna Vidyamandira hosted our 5th installation of IICB on 14 August 2015, the institution is located in Belur Math Campus beside Ganges. Such a nice ambiance and awesome atmosphere. We kept our shoes off before entering the auditorium, first time experience. All students were wearing kurta pyjama, their daily uniform. I could sense the disciplined learning environment from within. Before camp started I interacted with students, they were from 1st and 2nd year of their graduation course and were bit ignorant as well as curious of what we are trying to address in this camp.

The event started with Anupam Agrawal, Chair ISOC addressing the students about ISOC and IETF activities and how they can start getting knowledge and later on contributing to make Internet more useful and be more connected when technology and policy matters are more and more becoming challenging and affecting our lives. We were amazed by some students, they were following net neutrality debate and seem quite familiar with these issues.

Later on I was exploring the need of protocols and standards in Internet communication and tried to explain using real life examples. From surfing a website to IoT devices how standards are making this possible and why we should start learning, experimenting and contributing. We are one of major outsourcing hubs of the world, no doubt about it. Now time is changing and more and more devices are connected, sensors are generating hell lot of data, issues like privacy security are our prime concerns and if students at a very early stage are exposed to these issues, technology and experimentation. Contributing will start gradually. We can have good numbers of engineers and scientists churning out standards, protocols, products which are of prime important to our country at this stage and in future scenarios and can be used across the globe.

Dr. Indrajit De, from MCKVIE summaries the camp, motivating the students to start learning and cultivating the need of exploration. We are thankful to all the mentors of Vidyamandira for showing keen interest in this project.

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Anand Raje

A technology entrepreneur and experience in tech innovations and implementations. Designed and implemented citizen-centric G2C e-governance Projects for Land Records and Revenue, Commercial Taxes. Implemented Data Mining, GIS algorithms, PKI infrastructure, Digital Signature and Cryptographic algorithms for state wide large e-governance projects. An experienced Network Security trainer with wide international exposure across technology forums. Holds a Master of Computer Science Degree & multiple IT, Network security & Privacy certifications- DSCI DCPLA, CSSP, CCNSP. A ISOC Next Generations Leader and fellowships recipient from ISOC for IETF, Global INET & AfPIF, ICANN & APSIG.

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