Featured in ISOC APAC Newsletter | March 2017 Edition

ISOC India Kolkata Chapter has recently implemented India’s first community-driven Internet exchange point – IIFON IX Kolkata. To promote and engage with a group of volunteers, as well as develop technical capacity to peer in the exchange point, we have been outreaching to the community through round-table discussions, workshops and meetups.

We organised four events during the week of 6 March 2017.

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Anand Raje

A technology entrepreneur and experience in tech innovations and implementations. Designed and implemented citizen-centric G2C e-governance Projects for Land Records and Revenue, Commercial Taxes. Implemented Data Mining, GIS algorithms, PKI infrastructure, Digital Signature and Cryptographic algorithms for state wide large e-governance projects.

An experienced Network Security trainer with wide international exposure across technology forums. Holds a Master of Computer Science Degree & multiple IT, Network security & Privacy certifications- DSCI DCPLA, CSSP, CCNSP. A ISOC Next Generations Leader and fellowships recipient from ISOC for IETF, Global INET & AfPIF, ICANN & APSIG.

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