Featured in ISOC APAC Newsletter | March 2017 Edition

ISOC India Kolkata Chapter has recently implemented India’s first community-driven Internet exchange point – IIFON IX Kolkata. To promote and engage with a group of volunteers, as well as develop technical capacity to peer in the exchange point, we have been outreaching to the community through round-table discussions, workshops and meetups. We organised four events … [Read more]

RSSAC Caucus – Member | How it began

Starting a career as software developer and working on e-governance projects, GIS, Implementing cryptographic frameworks, PKI infrastructure and doing geeky stuffs, coding, deriving algorithms, digging into complex database queries, troubleshooting then being an entrepreneur and journey into the core of Internet is like a roller coaster ride. Internet for me was set of protocols TCP/IP, … [Read more]

ICANN 55 | Fellowship

It was my first ICANN meeting as fellow, the fellowship program is really helpful in understanding the multi stakeholder paradigm and its activities. The coaches and guides, alumni members are always there for your queries and let you introduce you to your area of Interest. Before the meeting, the coaches prepare us for the meetings. … [Read more]

L Root | ICANN | ORF CyFy 2015

There has been quite a good amount interest generated in all¬†stakeholders for Root Servers and its impact in the Internet core infrastructure and why it is required to bring more instances of Root servers in India. I have been invited in CyFy 2015 conference organised by ORF as being the first L-Root instance operator in … [Read more]

L-Root instance Kolkata

It has been long we were trying to bring L-root instance in eastern part of India, and I am extremely proud being associated in this initiative with¬†ISOC Kolkata Chapter in bringing the first L-Root node in India and to start contributing to the stability and resiliency of the core Internet infrastructure. As India’s internet penetration … [Read more]

Indian IETF contributors community meet

Internet, networks of network, a data communication medium and fast becoming de facto standard for our every communication need, is a combined effort of visionary minds across the world. Protocols and standards are backbone of this information superhighway. When we access mail or visit websites we use HTTP, SMTP. When we access YouTube videos, use … [Read more]