Cyber Security Workshop with LEA Officials

E-Mails, Messengers, social media the list is growing day by day, all different flavors of communication over Internet, completely transforming the way we communicate or share information among peers and in public. The concerns of law enforcement agencies in keeping track of criminal activities are really challenging. In today’s world they can’t stop these because … [Read more]

IICB Camp at Ramakrishna Vidyamandira

Ramakrishna Vidyamandira hosted our 5th installation of IICB on 14 August 2015, the institution is located in Belur Math Campus beside Ganges. Such a nice ambiance and awesome atmosphere. We kept our shoes off before entering the auditorium, first time experience. All students were wearing kurta pyjama, their daily uniform. I could sense the disciplined … [Read more]

Technical session with officers at RTI, Kolkata, Indian Audit & Accounts Department

Interacting with peoples of various domains expose you to learning and experiencing another world. I got an opportunity to interact with officers of Indian Audit & Accounts Department in a 2 day session on computing, networks, Internet and network security. It was great experience and really wonderful interactive session. One moment was really worth sharing, … [Read more]